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Millions of women’s lives are affected by declining estrogen levels after menopause. This can have an impact on intimacy and how a woman feels about herself. Now, there’s something that restores what’s been lost over time. Women’s Health of South Miami calls it Re:Touch. It’s an FDA approved laser therapy using MonaLisa Touch™ technology to restore and revive vaginal atrophy, bringing it back to a more youthful state.


Atrophy, a thinning of the walls of the vagina and vulva, happens after menopause, when the drop in estrogen is significant. It affects a majority of women, and may be the cause of painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, burning, and a decrease in urinary tract health, which can lead to pain, urinary frequency and recurrent urinary tract infection.

In the past, traditional therapies used hormone treatment, including estrogen administered orally and vaginally, vaginal moisturizers and lubricants. For women who have had breast cancer, estrogen therapy is not advised.

MonaLisa Touch™ is safe, effective and hormone-free. It’s clinically proven to work and it has no harmful side effects. The only side effect is a happy, more revitalized you!

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    MonaLisa Touch™ is a groundbreaking technology – it’s a gentle fractional CO2 laser that delivers restorative energy to the vaginal wall tissue, eliciting a healing response in the vaginal canal. It was designed to penetrate light or laser energy into the vaginal tissue, stimulating collagen for a more
    youthful state.

    The five minute treatments are delivered three times, six weeks apart. Many women report that they’ve experienced life changing relief after the very first treatment.

    The three in-office treatments are delivered at a total cost of $2,000.00.


    Thousands of women have been successfully treated since 2012 and report a significant improvement in symptoms even after the very first treatment. And, studies in Europe, where MonaLisa Touch™ was first introduced, prove its efficacy, which have been confirmed by findings from Stanford University in collaboration with The Christ Hospital.


    The MonaLisa Touch™ is minimally invasive with no anesthesia needed prior to or during treatment. The simple, replenishing procedure is done in our offices and takes less than 5 minutes per treatment. A small probe is gently placed into the vagina with minimal or no discomfort. The results are life changing.

    Our Happy Clients

    “Nothing speaks louder than the happiness of our patients.”

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing the Mona Lisa Procedure in your office. This procedure is a blessing to many women like me, who with age need some assistance with problems of dryness and intimacy. After only three sessions, the Mona Lisa Procedure has made a world of difference! I can now enjoy being with my husband without using any special creams or ointments. A procedure that only took a few minutes in your office has also served other purposes. It has also helped me with incontinence. I can’t ask for more! Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.
    - Ana
    Dr. Kenward embodies all of the qualities you would love to see in every physician you visit. She’s intelligent, caring, personable. I feel totally confident that she is continuously updating her medical education and updating her skills and techniques. She has brilliantly guided me through many medical issues; moreover, she has been an invaluable doctor for more than gynecological issues; Dr. Kenward has been my “go to” physician for many other personal issues as well. When you are with her, she has the ability to make you feel that you are her most important patient. I feel very fortunate to be one of her patients.
    - Patricia C. Pardo
    Visiting the gynecologist is not exactly a trip that any woman looks forward to, but Dr. Debra Kenward is not your typical doctor. Not only does she possess the expertise and insight that every woman should expect when selecting her doctor, but Dr. Kenward is also compassionate, humble and tirelessly committed to her patients – which is why she has been my gynecologist for so many years as well as for all the women in our family.  And her nurses and administrative staff are always pleasant and professional and treat me with respect and not just as an anonymous patient.   Dr. Kenward’s devotion has saved lives in my family and recently guided me through the process of bringing a new life into this world, and I have no doubt that the women fortunate enough to call her their gynecologist would express the very same admiration and gratitude.
    - Teresa F.
    I have been a patient of Dr. Robert Feldman for more than 20 years and have always been impressed with his professionalism and the level of personal attention he provides. He has always provided me the absolute best care, and I believe, the best advice and treatment during every visit. He has always taken the time to listen to my concerns and answer all my questions. I highly recommend him and all of the doctors in Women’s Health of South Miami.
    - Danette G.

    We are a well- established, highly experienced practice dedicated to providing the highest quality medicine while emphasizing personal, individualized care.

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