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October 11, 2016by marketang

Baptist Health Medical Group Obstetrics & Gynecology now offer the MonaLisa Touch laser treatment which will revitalize and re-energize your vagina, Menopause is a transition. It is related to a gradual reduction of serum estrogen levels. It is not any single point in time; it occurs gradually over several years. Although menopause is defined as 1 year without a period, the absence of periods is only one of a myriad of changes which affect women. Hot flashes, weight gain, changes in libido, and sleep disturbances accompany this transition. However, one of the most significant symptoms is the development of vaginal dryness and a deterioration of vaginal health.

As estrogen levels decrease vaginal dryness begins and many women experience painful sex and/or vaginal burning.  Anywhere from 40-60% of women notice these changes.

How do we improve vaginal health and painful sex. The easiest way is to replace the loss of estrogen  Yet many women are frightened of doing this because of the fear of developing cancer.

MonaLisa Touch

What if we told you we can improve vaginal health in 3 quick and painless  treatments  without using hormones, pills or creams?. A revolutionary new laser, the Mona Lisa Touch is now available in Miami. Painful sex can become a thing of the past. The Mona Lisa Touch is a gentle painless laser which restores vaginal health by allowing the vagina to produce fresh collagen and elastin. Vaginal dryness evaporates as the vagina rejuvenates and develops new blood vessels and increases vaginal lubrication. Sex becomes enjoyable again.

Each Mona Lisa Touch Miami procedure takes less than 5 minutes. Its easy ; its painless. Many women consider this procedure life changing.

Most women who have vaginal dryness are candidates for this treatment. there are very few contraindications to the procedure. Many women also see improvement in bladder issues.

Call the doctors at Women’s Health of South Miami 305 667-4511 to see if you are eligible for this exciting new treatment. All procedures are done in our office by Board Certified Physicians

The top 5 reasons for doing the Mona Lisa Touch:

  1. Increases vaginal lubrication without medications
  2. Its painless
  3. No anesthesia required
  4. Its quick taking less than 5 minutes
  5. Appears to improve bladder issues

We are a well- established, highly experienced practice dedicated to providing the highest quality medicine while emphasizing personal, individualized care.

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