Joy to the World

March 1, 2016by admin

Everyone’s heard the phrase “joy to the world.” That’s, in part, why we brought the MonaLisa® Touch into our office.

But I’m jumping ahead a bit.

Before I get more into this innovative laser and how it can help our 40-year-old plus population of women, let me explain my own outlook and how that led to our investment in this great new technology.

Graduating from Tufts University pre-med and attending medical school at the University of Miami, I quickly realized my passion was women’s health. And, in particular, pursuing obstetrics and gynecology. Why? Simple. Because it’s the primary medical field where you literally bring “joy to the world.”

I began delivering babies almost two decades ago as a resident at the University of Maryland, and seeing happy mothers and families is a reward unto itself. It’s difficult to match that kind of joy in other medical fields.

Of course, it can make you feel old sometimes. I joined my practice with Charles Kalstone, Bob Feldman, Debbie Kenward and Lissette Molina immediately after my four years of training in Maryland, and the realization hits me more often than you might think that my first deliveries are now tearing up the hallways at Palmetto High School.

I run into my patients at restaurants, art fairs, sporting events … everywhere. I’m happy to see them and they’re happy to see me. It brings back the joy of their children’s introduction into the world. Time sure flies – some of those deliveries are now my teenage patients.

One patient population that encounters more challenges are those entering menopause. I’ve counseled many going through it who undergo a range of issues, and I see the pain of “the change” in some of their eyes.
Urinary fequency.
Painful intercourse.
The list goes on.
I am trained to help them and every fiber of my being wants to get them back to pain-free and enjoying the same intimate time with their partner that existed when they were younger.

That’s where the MonaLisa® Touch comes in.

I’ve actually called it “the magic wand” because it certainly can seem like magic for some patients.

In simple terms it’s an almost completely pain-free laser that looks like a wand. During an in-office appointment that lasts only a few minutes, the laser penetrates only the superficial vaginal mucosa. The laser supplies energy that triggers collagen production and revascularization of the vagina, alleviating the problems laid out above. Basically the laser gives you the same benefits you would get from treating the vagina with estrogen without using any hormones.

This is not a new concept. Laser has been used on the skin of the face safely and similarly produces new collagen of that tissue. In this particular application it’s the only FDA approved device of its kind.

When I first heard about the MonaLisa® Touch it sounded too good to be true. I’d heard of those miracle medical cures to other ailments that are never what they seem. Well, this one is for real. Google it. Read the studies. I did.

And once I saw all the positive reactions from patients reaching as far away as Europe it was clear. Yes, this is real medicine.

Yes, this does cure these issues in over 90 percent of the patient population.
It really does bring joy to the world … with that “world” being my countless patients that suffer from postmenopausal vaginal symptoms that interfere with their quality of life. There are other treatments for atrophic vaginitis, the medical term to define the changes that occur in the vagina from the lack of estrogen, but many women are looking for something different.

Currently woman use over-the-counter lubricants and moisturizers, estrogens with a variety of delivery systems and an oral medication. Although these treatments are effective many want to stop using vaginal estrogen because it’s messy, others because insurance no longer covers it and some are breast cancer survivors and aren’t recommended to use estrogen. That’s where the MonaLisa® Touch is so groundbreaking. No need to take a pill every day, reuse applicators or have a second thought about using estrogen. Three laser treatments in the office lasting around five minutes with minimal discomfort six weeks apart bring about dramatic results and bring more Joy to the World!

We are a well- established, highly experienced practice dedicated to providing the highest quality medicine while emphasizing personal, individualized care.

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